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The Global Down Syndrome Foundation launched the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Class in the spring of 2010 with ten children ages 5-9, all of whom have Down syndrome. The idea was conceived when parents complained that their child with Down syndrome was being ignored or that the dance teacher did not have the skills to incorporate the child at a “typical” dance class.

The resulting Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Class was developed by the Sie Center’s world-renowned physical therapist and Down syndrome expert, Patricia C. Winders. Organized by the Foundation, the Sie Center and the Colorado Ballet, the program is based on the Boston Children’s Hospital dance program.

The philosophy behind the class is to provide parents a choice for their children with Down syndrome. For some parents, the class provides a spring board of confidence whereby they then enroll their children in a dance class for typical children. For others, the safety, therapy, and social networking of the class means the child will continue solely in the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Class.

The purpose of the class is to instill a lifelong love of dance and movement in each student. There are two physical therapists and two dance instructors who ensure that the students receive plenty of individual attention.The students work on physical stamina, verbalization skills, following directions, and coordinated interaction. They learn ballet movement, music appreciation, rhythm and basic dance steps.

Each calendar year there are multiple Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Classes serving children ages 5-9 and 10-14. The classes run one day a week for 16 consecutive weeks at the Colorado Ballet Academy. Each class culminates with a recital or showcase for approximately 100 family members and friends where the students show off their skills and their self-confidence!

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