North Dakota Down Syndrome Medical Care Centers

There is currently 1 Down syndrome medical care center in North Dakota:

Coordinated Treatment Center, Fargo, ND

Affiliation: Coordinated Treatment Center-Sanford Health
Summary: Clients come to our clinic for a day long appointment. They see a pediatrician, a physiatrist and registered dietician. They are assessed by OT, PT and speech. Annual audiology and eye exams are done. Cardiology, ENT and psychology are available on a consult basis or the patient may be scheduled to return for those. Families may self refer. Our primary population is those who live in rural areas who do not have access to pediatric specialists and therapy services.
Ages Served: 6 months – Age 21
Hours and Days of Operation: First Tuesday of each month
Address: 736 Broadway N., Fargo, ND 58122
Appointments: 701-234-6600
Phone Number: 701-234-6600
Clinical Director: Dr. Aaron Jost and Dr. Samantha Perleberg
Services provided:
Behavioral MD
Registered Dietician
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Family Practitioner
Apraxia Specialist
Speech and Language Pathologist
Social Worker
Education/Inclusion Specialist
Nurse Practitioner
Genetic Counselor
Clinical Care Coordinator
Feeding Specialist
Other Services Provided: Pediatrician, Physiatrist, Peds ENT, Peds Cardiology
Year Established: 1990’s
Patients with Down Syndrome Seen Annually: Approx. 60
Length of Waitlist: 6 months
Medicaid Accepted? Yes
Insurance Accepted? Yes

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